Five Reasons to Go on an Escape Room Date

An Escape Room date can take care of all your date-planning needs. You can arrange for a heart-pumping, exciting evening that will only take a couple of hours but will be fun for both of you.

1. It Will be an Unforgettable Date

Why go to the typical movie or dinner date? Those might be fine, but they don’t show a whole lot of imagination. By contrast, an Escape Room date is something your date might never have heard of. You’ll show that you put some real thought and effort into planning something special.

An Escape Room date is intriguing and different. One thing is for sure. It will be a date neither one of you will ever forget.

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2. You’ll Feel Closer

Studies have shown that people who participated in a slightly scary experience together felt closer afterward. The sense of having conquered something together gave them a renewed closeness.

Work that to your advantage with an Escape Room date that will get your adrenaline flowing and your heart rates up. If you want to leave a lasting impression on your date that will have both your hearts beating faster, an Escape Room adventure is a great idea.

3. You Can Choose the Theme

Does your date have a particular interest or hobby? Maybe they have a favorite movie, TV show or book type. Give him or her the live-action version. You can both be immersed in a realistic depiction that feels like you just got dropped into your favorite story.

Check out these great themes you can choose from at Lockbusters Escape Rooms. You’re sure to find one that you’ll both enjoy.

The Collector:
• The Collector: Help your friends escape from the clutches of a murderous madman in this fright-filled event.
Bank Heist:
• Bank Heist: You pulled off a great bank heist, but can you escape with the loot before the guards find you?
Pirate Adventure:
• Pirate Adventure: Find the hidden treasure in this seafaring story.
Chopper Down:
• Chopper Down: You’ve crash-landed behind enemy lines and been taken prisoner. Can you escape with your team intact?
Cremlocke Manor:
• Cremlocke Manor: You’re investigating a murder mystery in this ghostly mansion. Will you be the next victim or will you solve it?

• More themes are coming soon!

4. You’ll Definitely Have Something to Talk About

If you’re ever worried that you won’t have something to talk about with your date, an Escape Room date will cancel those fears. First, you’ll have to communicate with each other to work out the escape plan during the game.

Second, you’ll be talking over that shared experience well into dinner and drinks. An Escape Room event will give you memories that you’ll be sharing for a long time.

5. Team-Building Works for You

Escape Room adventures create team-building effects. Some companies and businesses use Escape Room events to foster better communication and cooperation among their employees. You can use the same effects to improve communication with your date. Create the sense that you two are a great team that works well together.

An Event Room date is packed with mystery, intrigue, and excitement. It’s an excellent idea for a first date, an anniversary or anytime you want to add something new and fun.