9 10
room difficulty
4 - 10
S 39.99
per person

Winners Wall

Become a Winner

Bank Heist just opened its doors to our escapees! Solve the mystery of the galaxy's most notorious bank heist and have your group photo on our Winners Wall. In the meanwhile, check out our other escapees by joining another room's mission until our next huge update!

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Bank Heist

Are you brave enough to travel back in time to stop a bank heist?

Your team has been requested by Gearson Lockbuster, an entrepreneur with unique technology that allows you and your team travel through both time and dimensions to solve the mystery of the biggest heist we've ever seen. You are the members of a special taskforce to solve the mystery of the galaxy's most notorious bank heist when criminal mastermind Butch Batrick stole an entire bank! No one has ever known where Butch or the Bank vanished to until NOW! Gearson Lockbuster has managed to teleport you right into the bank JUST AFTER its theft so you can track down Butch and find out what's going on in there!