8 10
room difficulty
2 - 8
S 32
per person

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Bank Heist

Can you escape the trap with your life and the cash?

You and your partners have traveled through time, and across universes, pulling off the greatest heists ever seen. Your latest target is Gearson Lockbuster’s Bank, San Francisco, 1906, in the midst of a great earthquake. Using the event to your advantage, you were supposed to get in and out without any trouble. But even the best laid plans can go awry, especially when the owner knew you were coming. You fell into his trap and are now stuck beneath the surface; the Earth rumbling around you. Time used to be your ally, now you’re racing against it. Will you be able to escape his clutches? Or will you stay trapped as the building begins to collapse?

Metal Vault Secured in Bank heist escape room at lockbuster games orlando