8 10
room difficulty
3 - 8
S 39.99
per person

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Congratulations to these Escapees!

Congratulations to these teams for getting past the tricks & traps and finding Captain Bonefish’s hidden treasure!

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Set Sail in the Sea Dog

On an adventure to find Captain Bonefish's lost treasure.

Set sail in the briny depths of the Atlantic Ocean aboard the SeaDog, – Captain Benjamin “Bonefish” Barclay’s infamous ship – to find his hidden treasure. A lover of gold and jewels, Captain Bonefish’s main targets were Spanish treasure fleets sailing from the Caribbean to Europe. It is rumored that his treasure was stashed on a remote uncharted island east of Barbados. Do you have what it takes to unlock the secrets of the SeaDog and locate the Captain’s long lost treasure?

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