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Five Rooms, Five Unique and Immersive Adventures

Each of our rooms provides you with an immersive and fun experience, where you will face a series of challenges that you must solve within 60 minutes. Lockbusters is the best escape room in Orlando.

*Note: Maximum participants per game room is eight people. Guest reservations are for your party alone, even if the party is less than eight people. We are not filling rooms with public guests at this time, so your party will be protected.

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Room 1
Jack the Ripper

You are private investigators begrudgingly brought in by Scotland Yard to help them hunt Jack the Ripper. As you track the Ripper's activity into a local Barber Shop you find yourselves taunted and hunted by him. Can you collect the evidence needed before he arrives!?

3-8 players

Room Difficulty
8 10
collector gallery at escape room orlando
Room 2 The Collector

Room 2
The Collector

You and your friends have been abducted by The Collector. Can you outsmart this paranoid killer in your effort to escape his bloody grasp? Work your way through demented puzzles before The Collector returns to claim his next victims.

3-8 players

Room Difficulty
7 10
Room 3 Bank

Room 3
Bank Heist

You are the members of a special taskforce Gearson has recruited in order to solve the mystery of what happened when the notorious criminal mastermind BUTCH BATRICK stole... AN ENTIRE BANK. Travel back in time, track down Butch and stop the biggest bank heist!

4-10 players

Room Difficulty
9 10
Pirate adventure Escape room orlando
Room 4 Pirate

Room 4
Pirate Adventure

You and your pirate crew will race against time to find Captain Bonefish’s hidden treasure. You’ll need to work together to get past the traps and tricks strategically placed to protect it. Do you have what it takes to unlock the secrets of the SeaDog and locate the Captain’s long lost treasure?

3-8 players

Room Difficulty
8 10
Chopper Down escape room at lockbuster games
Room 5 Chopper Down

Room 5
Mission Unstoppable: Chopper Down

Your team has crash landed and been taken into custody on your infiltration mission. Do you have the guts to break out of enemy imprisonment and finish the mission? In the heart of enemy territory, challenge yourself to press on and defy the constraints of your imprisonment.

3-8 players

Room Difficulty
9 10
Room 6 Cremlocke Manor

Room 6
Cremlocke Manor

Enter the Cremlocke Mansion and discover the secrets behind the disappearance of Thaddeus Cremlocke. Can you withstand a night in this haunted mansion or will you run for your life?

3-7 players

Room Difficulty
8 10
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Escape If You Can

Nowhere To Run,
Nowhere To Hide

You've got to think to get outside. Are you and your teammates brave enough to get locked in our escape game rooms and attempt to solve the puzzles?

Each GameIncludes

60 minutes

2-8 players

S39.99 per person

  • Full-Sensory Escape Room Experience

    This Ain't Just Locks & Keys

  • Vast Environments

    No escape closets here! Large, multi-room escape room games in orlando for you to explore

  • Immersive Storytelling

    Become part of the story, solving it from the inside

  • Team Events

    Are you searching for an exciting and innovative team building event that will challenge your group, foster collaboration, and create lasting memories? Our escape room games will provide the ultimate immersive experience designed to bring your team together and test their problem-solving skills, communication, and camaraderie. Let your team experience the power of true teamwork in a realistic and thrilling setting!

  • Corporate Events

    Take corporate team building activities to the next level! Our escape room games will engage your team and foster close collaboration as they step into a world of puzzles and challenges. As your team works together to escape, watch as trust and comradeship are built and morale is boosted.

  • Group Parties

    There’s no better way to celebrate an occasion than immerse yourself and your guests in the mysteries of our escape room games! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or family reunion, create a private adventure and an unforgettable memory for your group with our engaging and interactive escape game rooms!

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“Upper-Tier” Kinda Place

This is definitely an "upper-tier" kinda place that's not afraid to invest in giving their rooms the right tone.

- Michael O.

A Great Hour of Entertainment!!!!

Great host, amazing set, fantastic fun!! This Orlando escape game surpasses any I've previously done in Europe - a great hour of entertainment!!!!

- Helena W.

Definitely will be back!

Staff was extremely friendly. Rooms had lots of detail and unique elements. Great theming and puzzles. Definitely will be back!

- Austin C.

New Level

We have done a ton of escape games around town and this one brought the experience to a new level.

- Elizabeth O.


One of the best escape rooms in the area if not THE BEST I have ever been to.

- Bobby B.

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