7 10
room difficulty
3 - 8
S 39.99
per person

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Congratulations to these Escapees!

Congratulations to these teams for escaping the clutches of The Collector before he came back to claim his next victims!!

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You have been abducted

Can you work your way through the demented puzzles?

Recent reports state that a series of disappearances over the past few months have been linked together, after three bodies recovered last week were identified as three of the missing victims. All were found missing various limbs and internal organs. It seems we have a serial killer on the loose. No suspects are in custody. The killer is being referred to as The Collector. Now, you and your friends have been abducted by The Collector. You find yourself in a very dingy, old basement. But one of your friends is missing. Can you work your way through the demented puzzles that the Collector has created in order to save your friend and bring the killer to justice?

Serial Killer Signaling at escape room orlando