Why Team Building Works

When employees only interact with each other in the office, they may begin to develop opinions about one another based solely on what they see in the workplace. They may never really have a chance to explore the strengths of others or demonstrate their own under pressure. Team building events at Lockbusters escape room provide a fun and challenging way to see each other from a different perspective, and many workers are surprised to find out just how much they can accomplish when everyone is given the chance to demonstrate their talents in a competitive environment.

When accomplishing a shared goal, players also look at themselves in a different light. Someone who is used to staying quiet in the office may find that he or she is ready to step up and take the lead when it matters most. Also, some players find that they have hidden talents in things like strategy and communication when working together to beat our escape rooms. No matter which of our exciting rooms you choose, each player must work together with the team to combine strengths so that everyone can get out. Your employees will have a blast while also learning about themselves and others!

Play Hard and Work Hard

Team building is about playing hard to work hard. When employees have a shared mission to complete, they often work harder because they know that others are counting on them. After each experience at Lockbusters, your employees will have a tighter bond because they can respect what makes each member of the team unique. This translates to harder work in the office and an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and cooperation, ultimately making it easier to manage employees, set expectations and increase productivity.

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Explore Our Escape Rooms

At Lockbusters, our immersive escape rooms challenge and inspire through the use of storytelling and puzzle solving. Each room incorporates a unique theme and mission that pits players against the clock. Your employees will have a blast as they come together to play hard and work hard to beat the timer and escape before it’s too late!

Room 1: The Collector

A serial killer is on the loose and has abducted your team! Starting in a dingy basement, players must work together to escape this twisted puzzle masterpiece before time runs out. Through the use of fear elements and the pressure of a ticking clock, your employees will have the chance come together, save a life and bring a killer to justice…or end up as just another piece of The Collector’s gallery.

Room 2: Pirate Adventure

Adventure on the high seas collides with epic storytelling as players work together to find a priceless pirate treasure! Your employees will have one hour to combine their skills and solve the mystery of Captain Bonefish’s cryptic treasure hunt. Will they be able to cooperate and bask in the glory of gold and jewels, or will they find themselves written off as another piece of pirate lore?

Room 3: Bank Heist

This time-twisting adventure is set in 1906 as an earthquake is striking San Francisco. Your team has been using time travel to pull off amazing bank heists and they were planning to use the earthquake as cover to take on their biggest job yet…but that’s when things went terribly wrong. Players are trapped underground as the earthquake shakes around them, forcing everyone to use quick wits, leadership, cooperation and strategy to escape with the cash before it’s too late.

Room 4: Chopper Down

Your team was on an infiltration mission behind enemy lines, but in a heated battle, mayhem struck and brought your chopper down. Players have been taken captive and must utilize their collective talents to escape together and finish the mission. Can they bravely work together to get out alive…or are they destined to face deadly interrogation techniques by their captives?

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