At Lockbusters we offer five original escape rooms, each with a unique experience, click here to know more. In our Chopper Down, Bank Heist, and The Collector rooms, you are captured and need to find your way to freedom, while in the Pirate Adventure room, you are trying to escape with the hidden treasure. Last but not least, in the Cremlock Manor room, you are investigating a disappearance within a haunted mansion. Each of these experiences offers your crew a chance to escape, to make away with the loot, or to solve a mystery – and afterward either celebrate or commiserate as a team. Whatever challenge you decide on, you have your best chance at success by working together before your sixty-minute time limit runs out.

The difficulty level of each room varies and is stated on the room description at Currently, the easiest room we offer is a difficulty level 7 out of 10, and we offer two rooms at the 10 out of 10 level for those looking for a serious challenge. If you are new to escape rooms, it is recommended that you start with either a 7 or 8 level room so that you can see how the game works before moving on to the most difficult options.

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Anyone is welcome to participate in escape rooms with Lockbusters, and the collaborative nature makes it a great choice for families and friends. Lockbusters gives you the chance to put your heads together towards a shared goal, while still having a total blast. Escape rooms are a bonding experience like no other, as every aspect of the challenge is cooperative; the only thing to compete against is the clock. Some games and puzzles pit teams against one another; with Lockbusters, everyone is in it together.

Escape rooms are also an ideal destination for celebrating birthdays, graduations, and other family occasions. Challenging your family and friends to solve one of Lockbusters’ custom-made rooms will make your special event that much more special.

Lockbusters offers private rooms if you choose to book the entire space, or you can choose to enjoy one great perk of escape rooms: getting to know other puzzle enthusiasts, acting together as a team, and bonding over a shared trial (and hopefully success!). Meeting new people is never more fun than when you are trapped together in a room, trying to figure out each other’s strengths to get out as quick as possible.

Escape rooms offer great friend and family bonding long after the last minutes have ticked off the clock. You will find yourself discussing and going over the puzzles for weeks afterwards, and will likely find yourselves back to Lockbusters before you know it to try your hand at another exciting escape room adventure. This shared experience is truly one of a kind, and can really bring a group of people together in new ways.

A few good things to remember before your first adventure are to pay attention, look everywhere in the room, give every team member a chance to try, communicate with your team about anything that you discover, and look to each other as your greatest tools. Sometimes a puzzle that seems difficult to you may be a piece of cake for the person right next to you! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and whatever you do, have fun.