Can Be Described As

It’s a Story

Every escape room tells its own story. When you’re telling your friends about the game, make sure to mention that you’re looking at more than just a simple set of puzzles – you’re looking at a themed environment with its twists and turns. Our Lockbusters rooms are pay much attention to detail, even if the room itself is small. It’s easy to compare the room to an elaborate murder-mystery game, albeit one where the focus is more on escape than figuring out whom the bad guy is supposed to be.

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It’s a Puzzle

It’s important to point out that the game is, at its core, a big puzzle – or, more specifically, a series of puzzles. If your friends are fans of locked room games or riddles, they will already be familiar with some of the core concepts of the game. Tell your friends that the escape room isn’t just a measure of how fast they can complete a game, but how clever they are. These rooms force people to think outside of the box and come up with ingenious solutions to sometimes fiendish puzzles. If your friends want to know what makes an escape game so much fun, point to the puzzles.

It’s a Game

An escape room is a game. It’s your team versus the clock, with a good chance of losing the game if you don’t work together. You can also point out how everyone has a role to play in a good escape room, so there’s never any competition among the participants. If you want to convince someone how much fun an escape room can be, describe it as a great team game that gives everyone a chance to shine.

Current Rooms

We’ve found that one of the best ways to explain an escape game is to point at specific rooms. At the moment, we have four different chambers that show off different ways that escape rooms work. Like horror films and crime procedurals? If so, you can show your friends The Collector. Are they more into movies like Ocean’s Eleven? The Bank Heist might be a better fit for them. Those who want more of a high-seas adventure might enjoy the Pirate Adventure room, while war movie fans might like Chopper Down. Taking a look at all the different themes can allow you to show how fantastic escape rooms can be.

What is an escape room? It’s a fantastic game made up of multiple puzzles, allowing your group to experience a great story while competing against the clock. The best way to convince your friends that an escape room is worth doing, though, is to bring them along to your next game. Whether you’re trying to convince your friends that escape rooms are great or you want to show off your puzzle-solving skills, going to an escape room is the best way to bring the concept to life.