Escape rooms are gaining popularity and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they good fun, but they also help to develop some great skills and even double up as affordable team building activities.

If you’re looking for a way to help your employees develop team-building skills while also enjoying themselves, an escape room is the best way to go. Not only does everyone get to participate, but you’ll all grow as a team and learn to work together even better.

Why Are Escape Rooms Great for Team Building?

Escape rooms are great fun and they’re also great for team building. Employees develop several soft skills and learn to work together in different ways than in the office. Here are more benefits of organizing an escape room experience for your team:. 

  1. Improved Problem Solving and Creativity

In order to solve the puzzles and win in an escape room, you have to get creative. You’ll need to think outside the box and problem solve. As your employees go through an escape room, they have to work together to come up with new and creative solutions. 

Escape rooms are designed to get people thinking and encourage creative teamwork. These skills can be applied in the office to the benefit of your company. 

  1. Time Management Skills

Escape rooms are timed and as such, your employees will develop better time management skills. Unlike the workplace where time limits can be stressful, employees learn how to better manage their time and work efficiently while trying to escape.

Escaping before the time is up also helps your team learn how to organize tasks in order to be as efficient as possible. With your employees working together to manage their time and tasks, they’ll learn how to meet deadlines while working in groups. 

  1. Better Decision Making

With a limit on how long you can spend in each room, your team has to figure out how to make good decisions quickly and act on them. Your group will not only develop decision-making skills individually, but they’ll also hone their decision-making skills in the context of working in groups.

  1. Affordable

Escape rooms are an affordable way to help your employees develop their team working skills. Rather than going to a conference or another more expensive option to develop each skill individually, escape rooms help your employees develop multiple skills all at once. 

If you want a team-building event that gives you a great ROI, an escape room experience is the answer. Corporate retreats can often cost a few hundreds of dollars for each employee, costing the company thousands of dollars in the budget for the entire team. With escape rooms, the cost for each participant is extremely affordable, especially with corporate packages.

  1. Encourages Communication

Good communication skills are vital in the workplace and they’re also necessary in escape games. For the team to solve the puzzles successfully, they have to communicate efficiently and make sure everyone is being understood.

Throughout the game, employees will learn how to communicate with each other and as a group. Good communication is fostered and it can break the ice between individuals who haven’t had the chance to work closely together.

How to Have A Successful Game

It’s understandable that you want all your employees to participate. As such, if there’s anyone staying back or being left out, make sure to address it immediately. Encourage them to participate and encourage the others to include them. 

Sometimes, team-building events can be ironically stressful. Make sure you don’t allow stress to seep into the game and encourage your team to just enjoy themselves. After all, it is just a game and having a positive team experience is more important. 


Escape games are a fantastic option for building soft skills and encouraging team building. If you’re looking for your next team-building event, you’ve found the right event. All that’s left is to book your game and let your employees know!