Escape games are a great way to encourage team building and get to know your employees better. You’ll learn how each of them works through problems, and you’ll see where each team member could use some improvement. Unlike ice breakers or a traditional office party, escape room team building is the perfect bonding event to get employees motivated and thinking.

Team building through escape games reveals new skills that you and your team may not have realized. Here are just a few of the skills you might uncover during your game.

  1. Communication

Escape games require a lot of communication between players. If your team members aren’t all talking to each other and sharing what they find, they’ll never be able to complete the game within the allotted amount of time. In order to win, good communication skills are necessary.

While playing, you and your team and not only learn how to communicate with each other, you’ll also learn the best communication methods for each player on your team. Even once you leave the escape room, the things you learned during your game will be useful the next time you and your team have a project to complete by a certain deadline.

  1. Puzzle Solving

Escape games are all about solving puzzles and riddles, so it should be no surprise that you’ll likely uncover puzzle and problem-solving skills that your team members have during a game. You and your team will need to work together to solve a puzzle before the time limit, so you’ll need to learn how to communicate and work with each other to reach a common goal.

Valuable puzzle-solving skills are both learned and expanded upon during escape games and even though this is done in a fun, leisurely setting, the skills are transferable to a work environment. After a team-building night of escape games, your team will be better prepared to solve puzzles at work no matter what their project is.

If you want your team to excel at problem-solving, you’ll need to provide them with a space to practice these skills. Escape games are a great way to help your team develop their problem-solving skills without the stress of a work project looming over their heads.

  1. Time Management

As escape games are timed, your team will need to work together, and problem solve without losing sight of the clock. The countdown continues even if your team starts to argue or has trouble working on a clue. They’ll need to learn how to effectively manage their time and continue to work even as they struggle over certain parts.

  1. Critical Thinking

In many work projects, critical thinking is a necessary skill in order to solve a problem. With escape games, you’ll see your team develop their critical thinking skills as they analyze clues and try to connect the dots in order to solve the puzzle.

Critical thinking is an important skill no matter what industry you work in. Challenging your thought process and learning to step back and look at the big picture as well as the finer details is something you’ll need to do both during an escape game and during the work day.


When you complete an escape game, you’ll see a lot of improvement in the way your employees communicate, but also in the way they solve problems. They’ll discover their own problem-solving skills and be able to lean on them when a work assignment gets tough or presents some particularly difficult problems.

Team bonding is an important part of sharing an office and working with your employees. For a fun, new way to bond with your coworkers and team members, escape games are a great choice for any office.