Continuing Education Unit

Effective communication is a necessity for any successful government agency, organization or business. The right CEU professional development can be used to improve communication. Your co-workers can complete various tasks as part of a team-building exercise.

Having a variety of different CEUs can keep your employees engaged. Sometimes, it pays to have others create an innovative story line. And, that is where we can help – we provide you with fun, hands-on, game-playing scenarios that can improve your team’s communication skills.

Team Building Exercise

During normal work, you have real products or services that might be threatened. You might not be able to work on certain skill sets. With a Lockbusters CEU, you can focus on building up specific skills, such as communication and decision making.

What really separates the wheat from the chaff is the professional who thrives in a pressure cooker. When there is a serious threat to your organization, he stands up cool as a cucumber and hits that 60 yard field goal. You want professionals who can make the right decision at the right time.

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We provide creative scenarios that allow for individuals to work together. Besides, allowing you to increase knowledge and have fun, our Lockbusters games allow you to reveal the following skills and aptitudes:

• Problem Solving

• Decision Making

• Conflict Resolution

All of our stories create unique, highly-charged environments to get your adrenaline flowing.

Problem Solving

While our story scenarios are different, they all share a problem-solving dimension. You must connect the dots, put on your super-sleuth hat and figure out “WhoDunIt.”

For instance, you can plan a Bank Heist. How will you steal the money that his protected by the best security guards and electrical alarms? This team-building exercise will reveal your group’s personalities. Choose from stories with different difficulty levels.

Decision Making

Another one of our Lockbusters games, called Blackhawk Down, might highlight “difficult choices.” Should you put your entire organization at risk to save one individual? How do you balance individual and group performance? Learn how people think and respond.

Will professionals choose fight or flight? Our Serial Killer game forces you to handle pressure and make the right decisions. This can build up courage, self-confidence and determination.

Every successful sports team uses practice as a testing ground to determine who should start. Lockbusters games can test your professionals’ mettle.

Conflict Resolution

Every organization must combine different personalities together. If you have had conflicts, our Lockbusters Lost Treasure game might diffuse the tension. Working together can help you create strong bonds.

You can find successful conflict resolution by taking co-workers out of their “comfort zone.” Lockbusters games reveal hidden characteristics, traits and skills. You might be more successful at assigning professionals to tasks, projects or teams.

Creating Stronger Teams

Sometimes, you can discover new traits or solve certain problems with game simulations. There are no products or services at risk during this game play, so you can relax. Improve communication and resolve conflicts while having a laugh or two.

The best CEU professional development will create a memorable experience for all. It will challenge your professionals intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Improve your organization with a team-building Lockbusters game.