What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms consist of an array of clues, puzzles, and hidden keys you need to get out. Your team chooses a themed room, and then you have a limited amount of time to solve the ultimate puzzle and escape from the room. Clues can be anywhere, and there are plenty of hidden puzzles too. If you want to win, you’ll have to solve everything along the way, and do it quickly.

Why you should shout out what you find in the escape room

Combine Your Skills

Escape rooms are full of clues. When you stumble upon a new one, it’s easy to dismiss if you can’t see what it means yet. Still, that doesn’t mean someone else on your team won’t see a connection that you missed. Shouting out the things you find in the escape room allows everyone an opportunity to contribute, and solve a clue.

Teamwork is Key

Communication is one of the pillars of real teamwork. If nobody on your team can communicate, you’ll have a real struggle trying to solve the puzzle. Shout out what you find, and encourage everyone else to do it too. The more you communicate and work together, the better chance you have of success. Having ten minds working on a puzzle is much better than one. Take advantage of being able to communicate so your team can finish in time.

Divide and Conquer

Too many people working on the same puzzle isn’t very productive. By shouting out what you find, your team can split up to work on other clues. Not only that, you won’t waste time on a single puzzle and accidentally pass up other clues. If you shout out what you find, you also eliminate the risk of reworking clues and puzzles that somebody else already found.

Other Tips For Conquering Escape Rooms

Before you get in the room, pay attention to the rules and guidelines. Without them, you may struggle to understand the game.

Next, don’t stress about the time. You’ll waste a lot of time if you keep checking the clock. It’s okay to make sure you’re alright on time, but don’t obsess.

Finally, be methodical. Everyone should have something to work on, but you don’t want to redo puzzles. Avoid too many people working on the same thing, and try work in order.


Escape rooms are all about using good communication and strategy to solve problems. While you may be excited to run around and find as many clues as you can, it doesn’t help if nobody knows what you find. Make sure each team member shouts out whatever they find, so your team can work on conquering the escape room as a whole.