Why Escape Rooms are great for team building

Build Confidence Within the Team

It’s no secret that everyone in the team has their own forte. Of course, everyone has weak spots that another team member can compensate for. The idea with using escape rooms for team building is that you can all see where each person excels. When you bring the experience back to the office, your team members know who they can count on, and who they can help in turn.

Create Dialogue

It’s pretty hard to win an escape room if nobody’s communicating. It can be hard to communicate within the workplace, especially when people are busy, and in different departments. Escape rooms give coworkers the chance to practice communicating while they work together. As the team goes about solving clues, communication is paramount. The puzzle gives people a reason to have a dialogue, and learn how to solve problems together.

Build a Bond Outside of the Office

Departments in the office can bond over group projects. Even so, having a connection because of work is different than having a connection because of shared experiences. It’s important for teams to get to know each other outside of their work roles. Having fun and working toward common goals that aren’t related to work brings teams together like nothing else. An escape room is a bonding experience that creates relationships that carry back into the workplace.

Learn About Getting Back up

It’s easy to feel like a cooperative team when things are easy and you’re achieving your goals. Where most teams really struggle is when things aren’t all rosey. Escape rooms give teams a chance to learn to work together, even when they have trouble meeting their objectives. Teams that don’t have experiences outside of the office may not know how to handle a project that isn’t successful.

These activities show teams how to work and communicate when they’re not winning, and how to get back on track until they’re where they want to be.


Why choose an escape room for team building? Why not! There’s everything you need to get your team working like a positive, productive unit. Each person gets to know more about their team members, where they excel, and how to communicate effectively, even when things are tough. Creating bonds that carry over into the office, and having a blast too? If you need to build up your team, try out an escape room.