When you’re on the way to an escape game, the last thing on your mind amidst all the excitement is probably your attire. However, to make the most of your visit, it’s crucial to understand the physical nature of escape games. 

Escape games inevitably involve lots of movement, and you might need to crawl, duck or climb up on furniture to retrieve or look for clues.

We don’t want you to be caught unaware and spend the entire time maneuvering awkwardly around obstacles or, worse, injuring yourself due to unsuitable footwear. So to enjoy your escape game to the fullest, consider these tips:

What to Wear to an Escape Game 

Comfort Comes First

It’s best to wear clothing that you can easily move around in. In escape games, you might need to crawl under a table to retrieve a clue or jump up on a box. There are certainly physical elements involved, and you’d want to be dressed comfortably for that. Not only will you have a good time dressed comfortably, but you’ll also stay safe throughout the entire experience.

Some examples of comfortable clothing include fitness attire or loose, stretchy pants that you can move around easily in.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Since escape rooms often involve a lot of running around and even crawling in some cases, wearing sturdy shoes is very important. Shoes with rubber soles are best, especially if you need to rush around the room. It’s also essential to make sure that your footwear isn’t too heavy or bulky as it will hinder your movement when navigating around obstacles. 

Unfortunately, escape rooms aren’t the best places for stilettos or high heels as you might injure yourself.

Don’t Forget

If you wear glasses, remember to bring them along. You do need your glasses to read the clues and navigate around the room!

What to Avoid

As mentioned, avoid clothing that is overly tight as it will constrict your movement. Watch out for jewelry or accessories that may easily fall off too. Escape rooms are often dim and it may be hard to find or even realize that your jewelry has fallen off during your bid at escaping. It’s best to leave your high heels, stilettos, or flip-flops at home and pick comfortable, sturdy shoes for the game.


When deciding what kinds of clothes would be best for playing an escape game, it is essential to prioritize comfort and safety. It’s vital to understand the physical nature of escape games. Dress in something comfortable enough to move around, duck, or even crawl in, so your movement is not constricted, and you can focus on the game.