A Compelling Story

The best escape games in Orlando all come with a story that drives your actions from the beginning of the escape room to its conclusion. You want to see how the story ends. Better yet, you want to be the hero of the story – the one who solves the mystery.

Without the story, there’s no real motivation to see the escape room experience through to the end. While creating a rich narrative that drives an escape room experience from start to finish isn’t easy, it is worth it as it lets players end the game with a greater sense of fulfillment.

It also makes the entire experience more memorable.

An Immersive Experience

When players enter an escape game, the only thing that should be on their minds all through the game is the game. If not, the entire experience is not just as fun.

A story is a useful tool for making the game more immersive, but it’s not enough. The décor, props, sound effects, staging, and more should all work together to make the players forget it’s a game, and convince them that the stakes, objectives, and rewards are real.

Interesting Puzzles

Escape rooms make use of clues and puzzles to spice up the game. Solving a puzzle allows players to progress in the game, giving them a sense of accomplishment.

While the puzzles shouldn’t be too easy, they also shouldn’t be so tricky that they stump the players for hours. If this happens, the game goes from interesting to frustrating and tiresome.

Inspire Teamwork

Escape rooms are so successful at being fun because they require members of a team to work together to win. For example, the clues provided during the game are typically used to solve the puzzles. By combining mental resources and wit, team members can solve problems faster than if working alone.

The best escape games make sure at least three members of a team pitch in to win so that everyone can contribute and have a great time. It’s also why escape rooms are commonly recommended for company team-building exercises.


There’s a reason why soap operas are so popular – the drama. Escape rooms become more immersive, the more dramatic the story mission or room design is. This involves using plot twists and high stakes to raise the excitement of players and their commitment to completing the room before time runs out.

The best escape rooms in Orlando make use of all these elements to deliver a fun, colorful, and memorable escape game. We take everything that makes an escape game awesome and dials it up by a hundred.

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