What level Escape Room is right for you?

Team Members

Escape rooms are a team experience, but the size of that team can vary from room to room. Your team members also might vary depending on whether you choose a room that has a public or private ticketing system. If you’re just going out and looking to have a little fun, you might not mind a public system where you’re grouped with other players. This is a great opportunity to meet more people and have a nice day out.

On the other hand, if you want something specific to just your family, or are celebrating an event, you’ll want to look for a private room that tickets only your group.

Difficulty Level

There’s nothing better than a fun challenge in your escape room as you figure out the puzzles and learn how to solve more difficult puzzles over time. It might not be as fun though if you’ve never done an escape room and have placed yourself in the most difficult level.

Advanced players might want something that requires deeper observation, while newer players will do better with an easier room that gets them used to the process. The escape room process often takes some getting used to, after all.

Room Theme

You may be looking for a specific room with a certain theme to it, so even if you haven’t done an escape room before, you can still reserve a room that matches your theme and not your level of room. You can get hints when you get stuck, although it may not be as fun if you find yourself stuck too often.

Our Escape Rooms

Each of our escape rooms are themed, and all provide you with an immersive experience that lets you have a little fun in 60 minutes or less. There are even a few shorter rooms such as Cremlocke Manor, which you can complete within 45 minutes instead of the hour that other rooms will take.

All of our rooms have a story to them, so when you step in, you’ll feel completely immersed. Pick a shipwreck type of room and live your dream of sailing the high seas in Pirate Adventure, which is perfect for searching for some lost treasure. Or go for something that you might see in a horror movie in our The Collector Room.

Regardless of what room you choose, you can bring 2 to 8 players with you to help you complete the puzzles. We offer rooms of all types of difficulties, so ask us about what rooms will work with your skills, and what type of experience you would like to have with us.


Picking out your escape room level may not always be easy. You’re looking to have a great time and to solve puzzles one step at a time, so you want a room that feels challenging, but that isn’t so hard that it feels hopeless. Feel free to ask us to figure out the best type of room for you, so you can have a great time out with your group.