One of the latest and more effective ways that organizations can assess talent, potential, or the performance of employees is through team building exercises such as escape rooms.

Instead of just focusing on an individual through assessments, escape room team building activities in Orlando allows for a group assessment as well. This gives organizations a closer look into not just the individual employee, but also how they interact and collaborate with others within a team structure.

Communication, teamwork, planning, and more are qualities that will shine through in such situations.

What Can an Escape Room Tell You About Your Team?

Organizations have modern solutions like physical escape rooms as well as online escape rooms today. In fact, with the digital version, there is even more emphasis on clear communication and teamwork in order to get things done.

Dropped into a fictitious scenario and environment, employees have to count on their skills for communication, time management, problem solving, and try to take on increasingly complex challenges. 

Learning About the Team

Throughout the experience, there are plenty of ways that teams can learn more about each other. Individuals who are new will get a chance to exhibit skills that others may not know of, as well as having an icebreaker moment to introduce themselves to the wider team. 

In terms of assessment, an escape room puts the pressure on to solve problems under a time crunch. Organizations can look at individuals and figure out if they have what it takes to flourish under pressure. 

Can they be quick on their feet and think of solutions? Are they able to collaborate without giving into stress, or are individuals likely to feel anxious or even excluded?

These are all important questions that can be answered during the escape room experience. Observation is key to getting effective assessments using the escape room method. 

Ultimately, the list of attributes to look out for can be broken down into the following:

  • Leadership Quality

Some individuals will exhibit great leadership skills and are able to rally the team and guide them in the right direction to the end goal. 

  • Management Skills

Is there a particular individual who is keeping track of time as well as tasks being done? Making sure everyone is doing what they need to do at the right time will also go a long way in getting out of an escape room.

  • Problem Solving

Of course, you will still need to solve the actual puzzles to complete the challenge. The individuals who can think quickly and use logic appropriately will exhibit problem solving abilities.

  • Communication

Getting the right message across is worth its weight in gold. The sharing of information and clear instructions can help the team reach the finishing line in less time.


Escape rooms provide an environment where various skills such as communication, leadership, and problem solving are put to the test. This is why they make such good assessment tools. Organizations will be able to witness and assess their team in an entirely different scenario where their true strengths and weaknesses will become surface.