Business success is significantly impacted by your employees and their productivity. It’s only natural that happy employees will be more productive. So, how do you help boost employee morale? 

Nowadays, an increasingly popular Orlando teambuilding activity that boosts employee morale and promotes team bonding is escape room games. Here’s why such activities work so well:

Teambuilding Activities Are Proven to Increase Workplace Productivity

Getting To Know One Another

It’s just like ice-breaker events in school where everyone learns a little about one other. Teambuilding activities do the same: they introduce employees to each other and give everyone the opportunity to feel more connected to their coworkers and workplace.

Hidden Talents

Engaging in teambuilding activities provides the perfect space for employees to show off their talents that may not always be visible in the workspace. They can show off some of their critical thinking in an escape room, for example, and learn how to work together to reach the common goal of trying to escape. Even your quietest employee might gain some courage and speak up more in a different setting, exhibiting a different side that colleagues have not seen.


Communication is one of the best things about teambuilding events. In escape games, communication between your employees becomes more natural and isn’t so forced. They know how to speak with each other and break down any communication barriers. Escape games are an excellent activity that encourages them to talk and discuss to reach their common goal of escaping.

Skill Development

Your employees already have amazing skills, but they can also develop new skills by working together. They don’t often have the luxury or time to do this in a busy work environment, but a teambuilding activity can provide them a place to learn about other skills like leadership or critical thinking skills.

If they don’t usually feel comfortable standing out in the office—this is the perfect space for them to stand out on their own terms.


Did you know that about two-thirds of employees would quit if they felt underappreciated? Boosting morale is crucial and one of the best ways is to do an activity together.

This is especially true if you have employees working remotely and want everyone to feel included and like they’re participating in a singular activity together.

What Teambuilding Activity Should You Plan?

Ultimately, you should plan something that is interesting and will engage everyone. There’s a reason why escape games have been rising in popularity: most people simply enjoy them. In addition, people with different personalities will find that there is a place for each of them in the game, and everyone with their respective skills can participate.

Another great idea to help you plan is to ask your team. You can do an anonymous poll with a few options for activities, and maybe even leave some space somewhere for submissions to see what people might want to do.


You may not think that teambuilding activities do much. However, these activities can do a lot for your workplace, ultimately increasing productivity by boosting morale, improving communication, and showing your employees that you care. Think about your team and what would benefit them most. Give us a call today to book a thrilling escape room game for your team!