If you’ve ever planned a team-building event in the office, you’d know that they tend to be a little awkward. It doesn’t help that most people don’t want to participate in ice breakers and tend to find these traditional activities boring and unengaging. 

Perhaps, it’s time to try non-traditional team exercises and activities like the escape room. Escape rooms allow companies to come together for a few hours of team building in a fun, non-traditional way that will keep everyone engaged.

Team Building In Non-traditional Ways With Escape Rooms

Strengths and Weaknesses

Escape rooms allow you to learn about your team as they work together to escape. This includes learning about what people know how to do well and what they might not do as well. For example, many people discover hidden talents that their colleagues have, such as puzzle-solving or impressive math skills. 

In a non-traditional setting, your team can find out so much more about one another that would be unlikely with just a traditional office get-together. 


Good communication is imperative when it comes to working together in the office. You might not know everyone’s communication styles, or perhaps your team is relatively new and hasn’t had the chance to talk to each other much.

An escape room can help resolve this. You can learn about how people best communicate, but more than that, you can encourage your team to talk with each other in a casual environment. This will improve their communication and make it much easier for them to talk to each other at the office.


The escape room environment isn’t just for leaders, and it doesn’t just help leaders shine either. Since it’s a team effort, everyone has a chance to shine in escape room games. However, you can still see people who are natural leaders stand up and take charge.

Improve Motivation

Your employees need the motivation to keep going, and forcing a dull, traditional team-building activity on them isn’t the best way to inspire them. Instead, give them something fun to do while team building in the process. 

Putting in the effort to plan an extraordinary team-building event will show your employees how much you care to engage them and help them have fun. This can motivate them to feel more connected to the company and do their best at work.

Building Relationships

Escape rooms give your team members the opportunity to build relationships. Especially if you have a new employee, this is the perfect opportunity for the rest of the team to get to know them in an environment that doesn’t have as much pressure. 


One of the best things that bring your team together is a common victory. Solving the escape room together will give your team a sense of achievement and offer them a chance to show off their skills independently and together. Let everyone feel that sense of victory as they work together to figure out a solution.


While an escape room is always a lot of fun, it’s not just good for entertainment. Escape rooms are an excellent, non-traditional way to team build and help your employees learn more about one another while fostering a closer relationship. So forget the dull, non-traditional team-building activities that nobody likes to participate in and book your escape room outing with us today!