Coming up with a fun and creative team building events in Orlando can be difficult, but escape room games make it easy. Rather than sit around a table and do ice breakers, escape rooms bring your team together like never before by encouraging everyone to support one another and helping to develop more soft skills.

When you take your team to an escape room game, you put them in an environment where team building feels more natural and supporting each other is necessary. Here’s how:

How Team Building in Escape Rooms Means Supporting One Another

Working Together

In order to win an escape room game, your team will have to work together. If they aren’t supporting each other and working with each of their coworkers, then they won’t win.

While working together and supporting each other will look different during an escape game than in the office, it will help build up those skills that are necessary for day-to-day work life. Your team will learn how to work together and do so in a way that is supportive to everyone on the team rather than just a few people.


Good communication involves not just talking but also listening. As your team shares ideas and suggestions, it’s important that the rest of your team takes the time to listen and consider what they’re saying. This not only improves communication skills amongst your team, but it will also make each team member feel more supported.

Being listened to is an important factor in feeling like your team is supporting you. By listening when someone is speaking and trying their ideas, everyone will feel like there is good communication within the team and that their coworkers support them.


A good strategy doesn’t come from one single person. In fact, a good strategy is thought up by a group of people so that everyone’s different ideas can be considered and included in the final plan. In order to create a good strategy, though, your team members are going to need to listen to and support other members of the team.

While you strategize, you’ll combine a myriad of ideas to create the best escape plan. It may seem like you’re just playing the game, but this is a great way to help team members feel like they’re being listened to and supported.


In an escape room, you’ll need to trust other team members to complete the tasks they’ve been given and to help you work towards winning. Throughout this game of trust, you’ll learn to lean on and support other team members when they need it.

Support isn’t just about helping others, but knowing when they can do things on their own. If you’re able to trust them to do their tasks and are confident in their abilities, you’ll show them that you support them in more ways than one.


Escape room games are one of the best solutions to team-building exercises. They put your team in a fun and creative environment and encourage them to work together, communicate well, and support one another.

No matter how big or small your team is, an escape room game is a good way to encourage team building and bring your team members closer together. The experiences and skills gained will greatly help improve your team’s daily work life and create a better work environment for your team. Call us today to book an escape room game for your team!