When it comes to team building activities, many employees aren’t very receptive to them. Whether they’ve had terrible experiences previously with team building exercises or they aren’t exactly social butterflies, team building can inspire dread in employees.

There are many good reasons why so many companies rely on team building to increase leadership skills, though. From encouraging more inter-office communication to improving collaboration, team building is important to every company.

Here are a few of the ways corporate event activities Orlando and team building can benefit your company and increase employee leadership skills:

Increase Engagement

You can’t have great leaders if your team isn’t engaged. Employees that enjoy their work and are actively willing to get involved, take on new challenges, and meet other coworkers are much more likely to be great leaders for your team. Team building encourages your employees to get involved and stay engaged. 

Improve Communication

It’s important for leaders to have effective communication skills since they need to relay messages constantly and work with their team members. With team building activities and games, these communication skills are put to the test. Whether you’re at an escape game or just having some fun in the office, communicating effectively is important in team building exercises. 

As your team works together, they’ll learn how to better communicate with each of their coworkers, further enhancing their communication skills. Depending on the situation, your team will learn different methods and styles of communication that they can rely on in the future.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Whether you’re looking for new team leaders or you just want your team to build on their current skills, problem-solving is a skill that many people lack. But, without a doubt, it’s one of the most vital skills your employees need to have as leaders. Without the ability to think outside the box and resolve problems on their own, employees will struggle in leadership roles.

Team building exercises are great for developing problem-solving skills for future leaders. Numerous activities, like escape room games, can help your team learn how to navigate challenges and resolve issues on their own. Once they start developing these skills, they’ll be easier to grow and expound upon in the future when larger issues arise.

Build Trust

You can have great leaders, but without trust, other employees won’t be eager to listen or follow directions. Fortunately, team building exercises can help build trust from both ends. As your employees learn how to trust each other, they’ll be better prepared to act as leaders in the future. They’ll also gain vital leadership skills in establishing trustworthy relationships with colleagues and staff.

Inspires Collaboration

Some employees really don’t enjoy group work, and while this can be frustrating, it’s important to acknowledge. Some people aren’t naturally inclined to work in groups and struggle to do so. With stress-free team building activities, though, you can help encourage collaboration and create an environment where employees are more naturally inclined to work together outside of work.

Once your employees start working together, they’ll be more likely to do so in the future, and this is essential for leaders, since they can’t work alone to lead a group. Fortunately, with some well-planned team building activities like escape room games, you can encourage natural collaboration amongst your employees.


When team building isn’t done correctly, it’s simply not as fun, engaging or effective. With some planning and effort, team building activities can be a blast and these activities can be effective for improving your team’s leadership skills and provide fun, work-free entertainment outside of the office. Book an escape room game for your team today and watch your staff put their skills to the test!