Be Patient

The surest way of not finding your way out of an escape room in Orlando is by being impatient. You will get frustrated and may even feel panicky. An escape room game is about time and methodical thinking, and trust me, if it were easy, it would not exist in the first place. Take your time and do not race to find a way out. Rushing will only serve to make you tense.

Check Everything

In an escape room in Orlando, the escape route could be anywhere. So, it is worth it to check out all the things inside the escape room if you want to better your chances of getting out of it. Even the most trivial things, such as a book or cup, can be relevant—so take the time to investigate them in search of any clues that will help you escape.


Team effort is also better than a solo effort, and in the context of escape games, it helps you succeed even faster. However, a team effort is not possible without communication, and it is necessary to communicate with your team members in search of a solution.


Are you looking forward to your next escape game? Then it would be best to spend the available time practicing. Just like any other game, you will get better at escape games if you take the time to practice. By doing so, you will also be more likely to spot clues faster.

Dont Be Shy

Fearing that people will not want to give you clues or having the notion that you are not as good as other people on your team will only serve to keep you in there much longer. Additionally, if you have an idea that you feel can get you all out, it is always best if you share it and not fear that it may sound absurd.

Think Things Through

After you have ransacked the entire room and feel like there is no escape, it is always a good idea to sit back and calmly think things through. Sitting in a moment of contemplation is sure to help you connect the dots on most of the things inside the escape room. After that, you are more likely to find your way out of the escape room.

Final Thoughts Getting to the Actual Work

The tips provided above are easy to understand and implement. However, keep in mind that things can take a drastic turn once you are in the escape room, and emotions are almost always running high. However, to succeed in an escape room game, take care to control your emotions, especially anxiety and impatience. Calmness is key!