Team building Orlando activities don’t have to be boring. Forget about mundane introduction exercises or discussions that not everyone participates in—plan a visit to our escape room instead! Escape rooms allow everyone to engage in thrilling challenges, work with one another, and learn about their team, all while having fun.

How an Escape Room Can Make Your Next Team Building Outing an Exciting One

The usual corporate team-building activities often comprise a few ice-breaker questions and lunch. For the most part, these activities can be somewhat dull and predictable, causing your employees to be less than engaged.

In contrast, escape rooms are so much more engaging and thrilling. There is more interaction and more chances to learn about one another through collaboration.

Know One Another Better

Let’s face it: many people don’t really know their coworkers. They don’t know what their coworkers are capable of or what skills they have.

An escape room can resolve this. Your team will be placed together in one room and asked to work together to figure out how to complete the puzzles. They will need to work together, trust each other, and communicate. Without phones or any other distractions, your team can have real conversations about strengths and weaknesses, all of which can transfer back to the workplace.


Your employees will need to work together day in and day out. Working together in an escape room means collaborating to complete a particular task and channeling all of their efforts together.

This is a great way to improve productivity in the office because your employees will learn how to cooperate and work together.

Build Interest

Usual team-building excursions tend to be boring or predictable. Escape rooms are the complete opposite. You can choose your preferred escape room theme, ranging from pirate scenes to mystery scenes.

Speak with us to ask about what accommodations we have for participants who cannot handle bright lights or need space for a wheelchair. This is one team-building activity that everyone on your team can do.

Tackle A Common Goal

Putting your team in an escape game means they have one common goal to work towards. Escape games require your team to pit their creativity and skills together as they solve challenges as a group and try to escape successfully. This injects a sense of merriment and excitement into the outing, which is a breath of fresh air from typical team-building exercises.

Also, instead of solving typical problems at work, your team will get to solve puzzles in such an exciting setting, making the team-building outing a memorable one.

Motivation and Productivity

What you do in your team-building exercises can have a direct impact on how your employees work in the office. They can learn skills that they can take back with them, but beyond that, having this chance to work together and enjoy an activity outside of work can improve their motivation and productivity. 

By building relationships and fostering a sense of cohesion and camaraderie, your employees can feel happier and more motivated as they come to work each day.


Make those mundane, boring team-building activities a thing of the past and look into creating an escape room experience for your team instead. Not only will the escape room be an exciting time out of the office, but it will help your employees learn to work together and build their team spirit!