When it comes to success, there can be many factors involved but one essential component is to have a strong team as the foundation. Insightful leadership, clear communications, tapping on the right resources, and having people that work well and understand each other can give any organization a great advantage in a competitive space. 

There’s no surprise then, that those ingredients also contribute to success when it comes to escape room team building in Orlando. Just like in the office, working together to make a daring escape is not much different from coming together to solve problems.

If you are looking to put together the dream team, here’s what to look out for:

What Makes a Perfect Team for an Escape Room?

Clear Leadership

Any ship can stay afloat when it is not moving. It is definitely more dangerous when you start sailing. The same goes for a team in an escape room. You need someone to step up to the plate and get the entire team moving as one cohesive unit.

Whether it is taking on several tasks at once, or using your collective brainpower to solve a riddle, having someone to manage it all effectively can be the difference when it comes down to the seconds ticking by.

Open and Direct Communications

As the clock continues to wind down, the last thing you need is to be second-guessing each other or leaving things unsaid. Information is vital when it comes to an escape room, and you never know how the information can be linked. 

By making sure that lines of communication are always open, everybody is kept in the loop, and information is shared freely.

Good communication will allow teammates to share information more readily and confidently, allowing different perspectives to work together to figure out even the hardest puzzles. 

Organizational Teamwork

Even with clear leadership and good communications, sometimes, things can still go wrong if people are unsure of what they have to do. 

It is vital to delegate tasks to the right people to give the team the best chance for success. 

Do not let things get chaotic and out of control, everyone has an important part to play, and it is immensely crucial that they do it to the best of their abilities. 

Unless aid is needed, everyone should be focused on solving their own part of the challenge. Whether it’s searching for clues or items or figuring out challenges, teammates may need the help of others, but ultimately, everybody needs to focus on getting their own responsibilities accounted for.

Mutual Respect

Without mutual respect, it’s easy for a team to fall apart. In an escape room, even with a leader, everyone is equal and contributes their part. Knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses is important, as is minimizing the amount of conflict that could arise. 

By making sure the entire team is on the same page, the team has a better shot at completing the objectives and tasks with minimal conflict.


When it comes to escape rooms, it takes more than just mental fortitude to emerge victorious. It is a shared experience, and at the heart of it all, it is meant to be a fun time for the team. 

The perfect team is one that communicates well with mutual respect, with each member taking individual responsibility while all working towards a common goal. With the entire team on the same page, everyone will have a ball of a time and an unforgettable experience at the escape room!