You’ve heard of escape rooms in Orlando and might have even participated in one before with family, friends, or coworkers. But not all escape rooms are made equal—and not every one is designed to be accessible to those with disabilities.

That doesn’t mean that your friend or family member will never be able to participate in an escape game. It’s all about finding an escape room with the proper accommodations.  

What Escape Game Rooms Do 

It’s frustrating when you can’t find an escape room that can accommodate friends or family members who have disabilities. Our escape rooms are made with everyone in mind, though, with a few modifications so that everyone can have a great time.


The American with Disabilities Act, the ADA, is what ensures that all public accommodations are accessible and usable by people with disabilities. Because escape rooms are public spaces, this law also applies to them.

This means that all escape rooms need to be made so everyone can play, which involves some simple modifications to the structure of the room and the game. Where rooms cannot be made accessible, the company should make this public.

Small Changes

An escape room is still an escape room, but ours are made without steps or tight spaces. We use inclined planes instead and ensure at least 1 meter between spaces. We also don’t hide clues anywhere that might require you to climb or crawl—everything is set at an accessible height for everyone.

Such changes can be wonderful for people with anxiety or claustrophobia, who won’t feel cramped between too many things. Not to mention people with attention issues, who will find it easier to find their way around the room like this.

You can think about changes in reference to visuals and sound as well. Limit loud, irritating music, and stop any flashing lights that may cause people discomfort. This won’t affect the game, but it will make it a better experience for your players.


Let’s say that you or someone close to you needs a caretaker in the room with you. As long as you book a two-person game at a minimum, we also allow caretakers to visit with you for free.

In the case that there is any portion of a room that cannot be completed by someone with a disability—for example, a crawling portion of the game that someone in a wheelchair cannot complete—we will always inform you before the beginning of the game. This is so that you can ensure you have someone with you who can do it.

Room Hosting

All of our rooms will include a support person to help host the game. This is the gamemaster, who can provide you with assistance if you become stuck at any point during the game.

You can also work with a non-traditional type of escape room like a virtual escape room. The point of these is to solve clues together, and of course, everyone will be able to participate as long as they have an internet connection.

These types of games are a great way to unite people and to help them forge connections with each other, and all without needing to even leave their computer. 


If you have a friend or family member with a disability, you’d be glad to know that they can still participate in an escape room.That’s because we make sure that our rooms are made with accessibility in mind, reducing distracting stimuli and ensuring that the rooms themselves are built in a way that everyone can access. Just talk to us if you have a specific situation, and we’ll do our best to ensure that everyone will have a great time!