Escape Room Orlando: Tips & Tricks

So, you want to be the next Houdini, and enter the world of escapology? Escape rooms in Orlando have given people a piece of that world,yet you still want more. Well, it’s very challenging and needs commitment. Not only does it require a commitment to the craft, but a dedication to teaming building and always working on improving. Here are some basics of what you need to become a real-life escape room artist and succeed when you play an escape room in Orlando at LockBusters.

What You Need to Know?

Before you can become a real escape artist, you need to understand the basics of bindings and locks. The basics include how locks work, how picking them work, how to open locks faster than picking them, and how to practice your skills. Once you have mastered that, you can move on to building up your reputation with escape room experience.

Basic Lock Functionality – There are several kinds of locks, but the most common one is called a pin tumbler. These locks are the ones with the zigzagged rectangular shape for a keyhole, which has a key that looks like a saw. When you insert a lock pin, stacks or moved to allow the pin in each to fall above a certain point, and another one falls below. The cuts on the key are what raises the pins to a specific height. If the wrong key is inserted, these won’t be the right height causing the locks to bind and not allow them to open — picking centers which move around the stacks to the correct height one at a time.

Basics of Handcuffs – Your average handcuffs use a system of a single strand of metal, riveted to a double stand. A single strand has teeth that drag against a locking pawl. They can also slide through the double-strand which unlocks and frees the lock. The locking pawl only allows the single strand to get tighter without being able to loosen. At this point, the key releases the locking pawl, so it doesn’t catch on the teeth and allows the cuffs to be removed.

In some cases, a secondary lock can also be used so that the locking pawl and rachet are immobilized. This makes the cuffs unable to tighten or loosen. If you pick centers around moving the locking pawl, the ratcheting mechanism is prevented from working.

Essential Tools

The key to escape rooms games in Orlando is always be prepared. Knowing how to escape is only part of the escape room experience. The next most important thing is finding the proper tools and materials. You will be competing against your friends, strangers, and there is always the possibility of a life and death situation. Anytime you fail to get out of your restraints, you lose your reputation as an escape artist and endanger your group. A true escape artist is prepared for anything that gets thrown their way. Therefore, it’s essential to find these items with you in an escape room if you can so you can lead your group to safety.

Lock Picks – Escape rooms should have several tools in which you’re a master at and allow you to pick locks. The best locks to look for is a standard hook, Bogota rake, half diamond, or some tension wrenches.

Shims – There are several types of shims, all of which will be useful to find. Padlock shims take on the look of a flattened sailor’s hat which is curved at the center. The other essential shim is a handcuff shim. They are tiny flat rectangular pieces of metal.

Paper Clips – Paper clips are a great tool to find for picking locks. You can make a hook and a tension wrench. The easiest way to make your hook is to bend one end of the paper clip in the keyway of the lock. Once you have the hook made into a tension wrench, you can place the end into a keyhole to apply tension.


With all this information, you will able to decide for yourself if you can handle the best escape rooms in Orlando at LockBusters. With some research, escape room experience, and the mindset for an escape artist, you will have the skills to take on one of the best escape rooms at LockBusters.