Retaining employees in the workplace and increasing productivity are essential for any business. A vital factor that affects both employee retention and productivity is the level of morale. It’s only natural that your employees need to feel engaged and valued, so they experience a high level of morale.

These days, team building events like escape games are a fun and engaging way to increase team morale. Let’s look at how team building events or office group activities in Orlando can actually boost morale.

Five Ways Team Building Events Increase Morale

Enhancing Positivity

Team building activities give employees the opportunity to have a little fun and socialize out of the usual office setting. Activities can include escape room games or even fun races. Whatever the activity is, your team will get to have an entertaining and positive afternoon together, experiencing positive emotions from all the cheering, celebrations, prizes, and more. Work can often be stressful, so giving your team a positive day together can increase morale.

More Socialization

Your team already works together on a daily basis, but all that collaboration usually revolves around work. Outside of work, do your employees actually socialize? Socializing helps your employees know each other better, creating meaningful friendships rather than just working relationships.

Having fun together at team building events allows your employees to get personal and build relationships. There is no doubt that having friends at work will bring about a more positive atmosphere and hence, higher morale and enhanced productivity.

Decreasing Burnout

Burnout is a genuine issue for many companies, and often, employees feel stretched and unable to draw a clear boundary between their personal and work lives. Especially for people working from home, the challenge to switch off after work and relax is even harder. 

Team building events help to encourage employees to take a break from the daily grind and engage in something exciting with their colleagues. This can help reset their mindsets, helping them feel refreshed once again. Overall, reducing stress and burnout at work leads to better mental health and, therefore, higher morale among your team members.

Enhancing Communication

Team building activities bring your employees together to work on a common task. Whether they are already communicating a lot at work, collaborating on an informal task outside of work can go a long way in enhancing their communication. In fact, you can even try to team up people who don’t tend to work with each other often with the intention of encouraging them to communicate.

Good communication among your employees can increase work productivity and helps your team members feel more at ease with one another. 

Stimulating Creativity

Team building activities often encourage participants to think out of the box to solve challenges. As a result, your employees have to use their creativity and put their ideas together. This creativity can be carried over into their work, spurring employees to think of fresh and original solutions at work. The renewed creativity can lead to a greater sense of engagement at work, increasing your team’s morale.


There is no question that team morale can significantly affect your company’s productivity, results, and even culture. So it’s vital to ensure that your team feels valued and has high morale so they can be well-positioned to do their best at work and stay with your company for years to come. Escape games are a refreshing and thrilling way to engage your team, so call us today to book an escape game experience for them!