Escape rooms are live games where you are trapped in a room and the only way to escape is by solving the puzzles inside. Ultimately, these games are for fun, but many people love the thrill of playing competitively. One way to play our escape room on International Drive competitively is by beating record times, either by other people or your own. 

If you are itching to beat record times, here are some strategies that can help get you out of the escape room faster. 

Strategies to Escape Room Games Faster

  1. Listen to the Opening Brief

As much as you want to get started on the escape room puzzles right away, escape rooms often come with opening briefs. These are short talks that the staff provides that inform you of the rules and the lore of the escape room.

While this is done mostly for rules and for building up the atmosphere of the game, you do have to listen closely because the opening briefs might contain clues that can help you significantly. 

If you try to make the most of these opening briefs before you enter the room, it could mean that you can already get a clue even before the countdown starts. 

  1. Work with Your Team

There’s a reason why escape rooms are recommended for teams. Solving the puzzles in a team can effectively make escape rooms easier and faster. 

For example, escape rooms often have multiple puzzles that are interconnected, which means they cannot be solved unless another puzzle is already solved. 

Being in a team gives you more eyes and hands to do multiple puzzles simultaneously. Working effectively in a group means that moving on to the next puzzles will be easier since the other previous puzzles have already been solved by your teammates. 

  1. Don’t Get Distracted

Escape rooms are designed to be very tricky. This adds an element of thrill and challenge to the games as you look for clues and hints that will lead you to the next puzzle. However, you have to understand that not everything you see is connected to the game. 

You have to discern which information to focus on and which information to neglect. If you see books, it doesn’t mean that you have to rifle through every single book. Perhaps all you need to know are the titles of the books. Knowing what to look into and what to ignore will significantly help boost your record time. 

  1. Get Help from Your Teammates

Pride can really get in the way of solving an escape room quickly. Sometimes, you can get stuck on one puzzle that you just can’t quite seem to solve. 

If you find yourself looking at a puzzle for a few minutes without an idea how to solve it, don’t hesitate to ask a teammate for help. Sometimes, you get stuck because you need information that they have from a different puzzle or clue. 

Sometimes, your teammate can quickly solve the puzzle just because they have a different perspective that is needed for that specific puzzle. If you want to beat escape rooms quickly, don’t hesitate to harness all the clues, ideas and intellect of all your teammates. 


Escape rooms can be fun to solve but adding the excitement of beating someone else’s record time can make the experience even more thrilling. Follow these tips to put yourself in a better position to speed up your puzzle solving skills!