With escape rooms, a group of team members is locked in a room with only their wits—and their teammates! This is why escape rooms are such a great way for people to bond with their coworkers and for people to learn about one another’s skills. They can also give leaders a chance to learn how to delegate effectively.

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Escape Rooms and the Art of Delegation

Teamwork is an important part of daily life, which means you need to learn how to delegate tasks and trust the other people you work with. Escape rooms are the perfect place for you to learn how to do this in an environment where everyone needs to work together.


This is the perfect space to learn how to communicate since it’s a significant part of delegation. Team members need to know every individual’s skills and abilities and how your team can work together. Delegation is about picking the right people for the right tasks, after all, and about communicating to those people in clear terms what needs to be done.


You want to learn what people’s skills are what when it comes to delegating tasks. For example, you don’t want to be assigning a deep thinker to a task that just doesn’t require it—when they could be using their skills elsewhere to help the team. Understanding individual team member’s skills and talents is a crucial part of delegating, and an escape room serves this purpose extremely well.


Delegation is linked closely with leadership since the leader needs to delegate tasks to the other people in the group. In escape room settings, employers can often sit back and watch as the natural leaders of the group emerge to take charge and steer the group towards success.

An escape room can also help individuals improve their leadership skills too. Being put in various scenarios and with a variety of different people, leaders will have to learn how to best delegate tasks to achieve results.

Escape Rooms and Teamwork

Other forms of team-building exercises can feel stilted and difficult to manage. People often feel uncomfortable in these types of environments and don’t really end up learning anything about each other.

Escape rooms are casual and thrilling, though, making them a more comfortable environment for everyone. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach everyone how to collaborate and how to understand one another. Escape rooms help to enhance teamwork and forge relationships that last even past the hour in the escape room. 


It can be difficult running a team of people. Delegating tasks to team members may not be easy either when there are so many different people and personalities to manage. Escape rooms can help with this. Use escape rooms to learn more about your team and hone the art of delegation.