Why Orlando Escape Rooms Make Great Family Outings?

In today’s society, people spend more time glued to their screens and living vicariously through the experiences we see on TV, movies, and stories, and video games. Lockbusters provides the chance to live these exciting realities while using your brain in different ways. You can practice lateral thinking, enhance your observation skills, and most importantly, have fun! There is a lot of different kind of Orlando escape rooms throughout Central Florida, but only one Lockbusters.

The excitement and pressure of beating the time limit set the stage for drama and excitement. At the same time, the demands mean that people involved need to focus their attention and energy on the task in front of them. This focus allows people to eliminate the giddiness of the ticking clock at their backs.

Research has shown that stress encourages bonding among groups, even among people who usually keep to themselves. In high-pressure situations like an escape room, these endorphins and other hormones allow families to gain new perspectives on one another and cooperate in unprecedented ways.

The best thing of all is the sheer variety of puzzles introduced, allowing everyone a chance to shine. Your daughter may be better at word puzzles while your spouse has a knack for pattern recognition. Teams can also multitask, requiring the group to look for clues while the others scratch their head over puzzles that already have been found. More than anything else, the challenge will have your brain thinking in a different perspective for days after.

The Lasting Benefits of an Orlando Escape Room

Regardless of whether you make it out or not, participating in an Orlando Escape Room will have you thinking about the experience for weeks to come. You may even start to notice yourself seeing the world differently, finding clues in things you never thought to notice before. Your family also has the chance to interact and work towards a common goal in a way that helps define our strengths, weaknesses, and familial roles as a group. The end effect is bringing everyone together, adding trust, and enhancing non-verbal communication.

Therefore, this game night, put down the monopoly board and try one of Lockbuster’s Escape Rooms. We are located at 8326 International Drive Orlando 32819 and have numerous escape rooms for you to try. There will always be something new for you to experience at Lockbusters, and you will discover plenty of reasons to keep coming back. Each of our rooms provides you with an immersive and fun experience, where you will face a series of challenges that you must solve within 60 minutes. Lockbusters is hands down the best escape room in Orlando.