Summer vacation is quickly approaching and with it, comes the annual hunt for fun summertime activities for the perfect get-together. If you’re on the lookout for a unique summer activity for you and your loved ones that can also get you out of the heat, we’ve got a great recommendation for you: Escape Rooms.

In this guide, we’ll go in depth on six of the reasons why an Orlando escape game is the ultimate activity for summer vacation. 

6 Reasons Why Escape Games Are the Perfect Summertime Activity

Improves Memory Function

Escape games are a great way to work on training the memory because they require following instructions and solving puzzles, as well as utilizing clues and other small, fine details that could be easily forgotten. Often, you also need to recall details from one part of a puzzle and use your memory of it for another puzzle. 

Enhances Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Escape rooms are extremely useful for building fine and gross motor skills. Completing 3D, real-life puzzles helps to develop spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. Having to participate in the fast paced activities, along with walking, running, and darting around, helps to enhance gross motor skills.

Provide Physical Exercise

Everyone knows that physical exercise is important and that we are recommended to get at least 30 minutes of it per day. This being said, who wants to spend an hour doing push ups? Luckily, escape rooms are way more fun than push ups and are also a good source of exercise. 

They promote being active by getting players to run, jump, crawl, and sprint their way through various puzzles and sections of the game. On average, escape rooms provide 60 minutes of physical exercise per session. 

Promotes Communication and Socialization

Escape rooms help to promote healthy summer socialization and communication. They bring groups of people together to work on solving a problem, which requires a great deal of communication and team work. The hot weather during the summer can tempt people to stay indoors 

Offers Stress Relief

Getting together with a group of friends or family does wonders for relieving stress — especially when you get together to tackle an escape room. Regardless of which room you choose, you’ll have a great time and have the perfect escape from all reality for an hour or so while you battle your way through amazing themed rooms. 

Enhanced Creativity

Participating in escape rooms means that you have to use your creativity a lot. You have to come up with creative solutions to the problems put before you in order to succeed! 


Escape rooms are more than just fun. They’re actually pretty beneficial when it comes to the improvement, enhancement, and general betterment of many essential life skills, making it the perfect summertime activity to get together.

A good escape room session can boost creative thinking, relieve stress, improve memory function, and help both gross and fine motor skills to develop and be maintained. They can also be counted towards daily physical activity goals and promote healthy communication, socialization, and teamwork among social circles. Book your summertime escape room session today for a unique experience that will also keep you active and out of the heat!