Escape room games are a blast. So it’s no surprise that they’re quickly growing in popularity and appearing in most cities around the globe. With an entire team of friends, there’s no better way to pass the time. Unfortunately, you might not always have a whole team.

If your team isn’t big enough, you’ll likely end up playing with strangers. At first, this may not sound very fun and might even be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though, and can often lead to a more exciting game. 

When you’re stuck playing with strangers, here are a few tips to make your game go smoothly.

Tips on Teaming Up With Strangers for Escape Games

  1. Introduce Yourself

Introductions are vital. If you don’t know each other, it is more challenging to communicate effectively and work together to solve the puzzle. Once you find out who you’re playing with, take a moment to introduce yourself and the rest of your team so that you all feel more comfortable. 

Get to know your new teammates before the game starts. Have they done escape rooms before? Are they here for a party? A date? Learning about your new teammates helps build the communication skills you’ll need later in the game.

  1. Remember They’re Your Teammates

When you’re playing with people you don’t know, it can be easy to start thinking that they’re your competition. In an escape game, however, this isn’t true! Just like you, they’re trying to solve the mystery as quickly as possible, and working together is the best way to do that.

  1. Use Everyone’s Skills

Even though you didn’t know each other before today, you’re all teammates now. They might have specific strengths that you don’t. By working with them, you’ll learn what specific skills they have that you lack and can benefit from.

While you might be great at spotting clues, maybe they’re great at solving riddles. Combining their skills and yours can help speed up the game and give you some insight that you would have never had otherwise.

  1. Listen to Them

Don’t be tempted to only listen to your friends and leave them to talk to themselves. Problem-solving is best done through teamwork. For your team to solve the mystery promptly, you’ll have to listen to everyone, not just those you’re friends with.

  1. Speak Up

Perhaps the group of strangers is bigger than your own group. If this is the case, it can be intimidating to share your thoughts and opinions. Don’t be shy, though. Speaking up can help inform the rest of your team members what you’ve found or how you think the group should proceed.

Everyone’s insight is valuable, so make a point of sharing yours and listening to others. Don’t speak over people and ensure that you let everyone else talk just as much.

  1. Double-Check

If you provide the information for a lock but allow someone else to put it in, don’t be afraid to double-check the work. Sometimes, information can be put in incorrectly even if it was the right code. To prevent future frustration, ask if you can double-check the work for your peace of mind.

When you do check, make sure to be polite about it. You don’t want the other team members to feel like you think they can’t do it on their own. 

Additionally, let someone else double-check your work. If you put in a code or do a lock that someone else solved, let them check. Don’t be offended by it as this can really help solve many minor problems.


Playing with strangers can be fun, but it can also be intimidating. To ensure that your game goes smoothly, don’t forget that you’re there to have fun, and so are they. You might even forge new friendships, so book now and play the best game yet!