Escape rooms are a fun way to spend time with friends and family. Essentially one big puzzle, players are usually locked in a room and their only way out is to solve all the puzzles in the room – hence the name, “escape room.” With a rich history behind it, escape rooms like our I-Drive Escape Room, have evolved into the phenomenon they are now and while the essence of one escape room is typically the same as the next one, they can be pretty diverse. The limits of an escape room is basically in the hands of the imagination of the escape room designer. 

Players really have to use their imagination when they solve these escape rooms, which means they can pretty much try anything. However, for the safety of the players, escape rooms do have a number of rules and people might wonder if they can bring their phones into an escape room. 

Can you take your phone into an escape room?

The question can really just be answered by the escape room itself. Different escape rooms have different rules. While some escape rooms prohibit bringing phones in, some willingly allow players to bring their phones along. 

While the phone is a person’s typical way to access information, some escape rooms don’t usually mind if a person has access to the internet. This is because often, puzzles used in escape rooms are uniquely designed such that having access to the internet won’t be helpful at all anyway.

Some escape rooms actually encourage players to bring along their phones so that the players can take photos of themselves in the room, or of them engaging in some puzzles. These establishments know that these are memories for the players. Plus, if the players post these photos on social media, it would add to the escape room’s social media influence. 

People also typically use phones as flashlights. Since escape rooms can have different themes, different escape rooms might be designed with different levels of brightness inside. While they do keep visibility in mind, people with vision problems might need the extra light from their phone flashlight. 

Why do some escape rooms prohibit phones?

There are only a few reasons why an escape room would prohibit people from bringing along their phones. The first reason is to prevent people from taking pictures of the puzzles. Unfortunately, some people take pictures of puzzles to post online. Even if they didn’t have any bad intentions, posting the puzzles online might spoil the experience for other people. 

Furthermore, some escape rooms just confiscate players’ phones so that they can truly be immersed in the game. Escape rooms are a great way to relax and “escape” reality. Since phones can still tether players into the real world (i.e., like when a player is in the middle of a game and gets a call from work, etc.), it is best to leave phones out of escape rooms. 


Whether you can take your phone in depends on the rules of the specific escape room you’re at. Here at Lock Busters, we don’t dictate that you have to surrender your phones to us. But to immerse yourself fully in the game, we definitely discourage the use of your phone. Afterall, you’re here for a thrilling escape from reality in the best escape room in Orlando!