Escape rooms are fun, exciting, and out-of-the-box activities that will leave a lasting impression for a long time to come. These are basically locked rooms that are essentially filled with puzzles that the players have to solve in order to leave the room. Don’t worry, you won’t really be stuck in the room forever if you can’t solve it. They usually come with a time limit. However, part of the fun is to beat the room as fast as you can, or even better yet, faster than the record of the room itself.

While you can do an escape room all by yourself, best Orlando escape room is especially more fun when done with a group of your friends, family, or even co-workers. Escape rooms even serve as an excellent team building activity and it is a load of fun. Given that some escape rooms have a maximum number of allowable people in a team, it serves to reason that the more people in a team will mean that it’ll be faster to solve a room. However, what if there’s only two of you? Can you effectively do an escape room with only two people?


Not only can you do an escape room with only two people, there might actually be advantages in doing so.


The first advantage of doing an escape room with only two people is communication. Hands down, it is easier to communicate with only one other person in the room. This is an incredible advantage by itself because communication is extremely important in escape rooms. This is because while there are numerous puzzles inside an escape room, there are times that the puzzles are connected somehow.

Perhaps an answer to a puzzle can help solve another. Without clear communication between the players, this will leave someone cluelessly staring at a puzzle – a puzzle that can easily be solved with communication from someone doing the other puzzle needed.

While groups are fun to do escape rooms with, communication is very difficult to maintain in all that commotion. Imagine a group of five to seven people all doing separate tasks and shouting all at once. They may think that they are providing information but without a proper system for communication, no one will be able to understand everyone else. This is why having two people might actually be more advantageous than having a group.

Better Focus

Another advantage to being only two people, or a couple, is that you can really just focus more on solving the task, having fun, and having a good time with your partner. A problem with big groups is that sometimes, someone gets a little too competitive, or someone gets too controlling. These are common problems in escape rooms that seriously take out the fun in doing them. However, with only two people doing an escape room, there’s a lot of room for peace and fun.

More Space

Speaking of room, that’s another advantage for two people instead of groups doing escape rooms. Some escape rooms aren’t very spacious to begin with. Put in a large group and you’re basically crowding the place. Doing an escape room while being crowded is not only a bummer, but it makes solving the escape room even more difficult.

Especially for some people who need the space to focus and think, having the space is important. Two people doing an escape room will have more than enough space for the team to work around the room and around each other.


Of course, having more people will have some advantages over a team of two. For example, a larger team would obviously mean more sets of eyes. This can mean a few things. For one, more eyes means that a larger group will be able to see more things quickly. Upon entering a room, a larger group usually disperses and tackles on more puzzles simultaneously than a team of two would. However, this isn’t necessarily an advantage all the time. A systematic couple that would go through the puzzles in an organized manner will easily beat a larger group that is tackling an escape room without a plan.

Another disadvantage of having less sets of eyes means that if one puzzle is especially hard, the team of two might have less chances of solving it quickly. One tip for escape rooms is that when a puzzle is getting difficult and taking too much, the person doing it should let someone else try. Sometimes, it just needs a fresh new pair of eyes with a different perspective to easily solve a puzzle.


Overall, it’s perfectly fine to rise up to the challenge of an escape room as a duo. There are plenty of couples or two-people teams who successfully gather their wits together to enjoy the thrill of an escape room.