Escape rooms are only increasing in popularity, and it’s no wonder you’re thinking about taking the family out to try an escape game. However, while escape rooms are known to be great fun for adults, you might wonder if they are suitable for kids too. After all, you don’t want to plan an outing that isn’t family-friendly. 

If you’re wondering how child-friendly escape rooms are or if there’s such a thing as family escape games, you’ve come to the right place.

Are Escape Games Child-Friendly?

Quite simply, yes! Your kids will probably enjoy an escape game as much, if not maybe more so than adults. As long as they aren’t too young, an escape game with the whole family can be a fun bonding experience and a great way to entertain the entire family for an evening. 

There are some things you need to keep in mind when planning your escape game for it to be child-friendly, though. Some games are designed to challenge adults and are therefore too tough for kids, leading to frustration early on in the game.

To make sure your game goes smoothly, here are some things to consider.


If your children are too young, they’ll get bored or frustrated, no matter how simple the game is. Many escape game companies will allow children over 11 years old, but this isn’t always the perfect indicator of whether your kids will enjoy the game.

If you have kids younger than 11 years old, you might want to reconsider doing an escape game. Some companies will allow younger kids to play as long as you sign a waiver, but some companies may not allow it at all. So at the very least, you should double check the age limit policy before you go. 

Attention Span

Escape games require focus and attention. If your kids have trouble with this, they won’t enjoy the game because they’ll feel too stressed. Escape games are meant to be completed within a certain amount of time, but this only works if your kids can focus long enough to look for clues.

This being said, some kids with short attention spans may enjoy the challenge of an escape room. You know your child best, though, so you’ll have to make this call on your own.

Private Games

If you have young children or your kids are shy, booking a private game is probably in your best interest. In a private game, it will just be your family. There’s no risk of strangers joining your games and getting frustrated by your kids or making your kids feel less comfortable playing the game.

Almost all escape game companies will allow you to reserve a room for yourself, even if you don’t have a large group. Families of four can reserve their own room and most companies will allow this. 

Booking a private game adds to the family bonding experience too. When your family members are the only ones playing with you, you don’t have to worry about including strangers or adjusting your family dynamic. You can all play together in your own space and not worry about others joining.

Why Are Escape Games Good for Kids?

Escape games help your kids develop communication and listening skills. In order to win, you’ll have to all work as a team and this helps encourage teamwork amongst your kids. You’ll also need to manage your time which is another crucial skill for children to develop, even if they’re still fairly young.

Young kids can work on developing certain soft skills when working through escape games. While you may not be able to do an escape game all the time, doing one now and then gives your kids the opportunity to work on developing essential skills in a fun way.


Escape games are fun for adults and kids alike and are a great family bonding experience. As long as your kids are willing to take on a bit of a challenge, trying an escape room as a family can be a fun and unique way to spend some quality time together.