Whether you have a strong team that has fostered a good relationship from working together for years, or a team that has recently come together, Orlando team building activities are important to foster cooperation, communication and cohesion.

You might not have considered escape rooms as a corporate team building activity but here are five good reasons why they are perfect for your team. 

5 Reasons Escape Rooms Are Perfect For Your Next Team Building Activity

  1. Communication

One important skill that successful players need in escape rooms is communication. Escape rooms are equipped with multiple puzzles that will lead the way to escape. However, it is common for all the puzzles in the escape room to be connected in some way. 

So even if you’ve finished the puzzle you’re working on, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can escape because everyone needs to help each other out. This is where communication comes in. 

As a team building activity, escape rooms can help teach players the importance of having a good line of communication among themselves as a way to exit the escape room and as a general way of solving problems in the real world. 

  1. Find Strengths and Weaknesses

Escape rooms are a wonderful place to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each person since a group of players have to work together towards a common goal. 

Since escape rooms are usually done with a time limit, it is imperative to do things as efficiently as possible, which means people should be assigned to where their strengths lie. 

Escape rooms are great for team building as the games allow people to understand that everyone brings something unique to the table. Their best chance of escaping is by having those strengths and weaknesses designated properly. 

  1. Build Trust

Escape rooms help to foster trust within the group because it allows people to work and escape as a team. This means that after an escape room has been successfully conquered, your team would have built trust with each other. They can now count upon that trust to complete real life tasks toward a common goal.

  1. Win and Lose Together

A team building activity involves being prepared to win and lose together. By all means, escape rooms involve a goal and that is to escape. Winning an escape room might sound easy as all you’d need to do would be to solve some puzzles. However, escape rooms come with time limits that make the activity more challenging. 

Team building activities such as escape rooms are great because they allow groups of people to win and lose together. Regardless of the outcome, the group experiences the same thing and forms a bond with one another over the shared experience.  

  1. Get to Know Each Other

Team building activities are supposed to help people get to know each other and become more comfortable working with each other. This makes them more effective and efficient when it comes to work. 

An old adage says that you can find out the true colors of a person by seeing how they play a game. Even in something as fun and harmless as an escape room, your team members can see a different side in one another that they wouldn’t normally see in the office. 


Escape rooms might be fun for friends and families but they can also be thrilling and effective for team building between colleagues as well. 

Aside from having an incredible experience, escape rooms are perfect for fostering trust, communication, understanding one another’s strengths and more – all of which will help co-workers work well together in the real world.